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Intelligence-led Penetration Testing

Intelligence-led penetration testing (ILPT) is a type of penetration testing that leverages threat intelligence to simulate a real-world attack by an actual threat actor. In this approach, the pen testers use the same tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as those used by real attackers based on the information gathered through threat intelligence.

intelligence-led penetration testing can help organisations identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited by threat actors, improving their overall security posture and reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack.

We provide the underlying cyber threat intelligence to ensure your intelligence-led penetration test is a true representation of the threats you face.

We’re able to supply TIBER-EU, iCAST and other intelligence-led framework requirements to meet your individual demands.

We have several years of not only performing in-depth intelligence-led penetration testing but building individual client threat intelligence that truly represents their threat. We don’t just understand the threat intelligence, we are fully conversant with the technical elements too.

  • Bespoke to you

    Tailored to your specific bussiness needs

  • Human Analysis

    Our analysts assess and contextualise

  • Individual Threat scenarios

    Threat scenarios unique to your business

The Benefits

Just a few benefits from a cyber threat assessment

  • Real world simulations

  • Enhanced Threat Detection

  • Improvement in People, Process and Tech

  • Prioritised remediation

  • Continuous improvements

Intelligence-led Penetration Testing Deliverables

- In-depth scoping
- Threat Intelligence preparation
- Planning
- Reporting